D´azumoon Fontana Di Trevi – Trevi

4 months

4 months


9 months



11 months

11 months – best junior, CQ, best female, CAC and BOS at NDS Borås 2018-06-30


23 months – Norrköping dogshow 2019 – 1st intermediate, excellent, CQ, 2nd best bitch with res. CAC

23 months – Kalmar dogshow 2019 – Excellent, CQ, 2nd best bitch with res. CAC

23 months

SKK (FCI): SE14536/2018

FÖDD: 2017-07-11

FÄRG: Red merle / white copper

ÖGONFÄRG: blue / blue

HD: C / B (we will do a new X-ray in autumn, she got in heat a few days after the X-ray and the pictures were in bad quality)

ED: 0 (UA)

MDR1: +/+ (by parantage)

HSF4: N/N (by parentage)

CEA: N/N (by parentage)

pcrd – PRA: N/N (by parentage)

MH: Passed mental description without fear for gunshot (1).

DOGSHOW: BOB Puppy, BOG2 Puppy, BOB, BOS, BOG, RBOG, BIS4, 2x swedish CAC, 5x CQ, 1 german Res CAC, 2 swedish Res CAC